Mansonia Mosquito
Mansonia species have long been recognized as the main vectors of human B. malayi are also involved in the transmission of animal filarioids. The latter include species of the genera Brugia, Dirofilaria and Setaria.

The Mansonia species belong to the subgenus Mansonioides, of which six are indigenous to the Oriental region, three to the Papua New Guinea region and one to the Ethiopian region. Mansonia dives and Mansonia bonneae are regarded as a complex of two closely related spieces by virtue of their morphological similarity. They have previously been often referred to as Ma. longipalpis or Ma. annulipes.


The six species of Mansonia mosquitoes can be conveniently grouped into two major categories. The urban-rural type, consisting of Ma. uniformis, Ma. annulifera, Ma. Indiana and Ma. annulata, breeds in vegetation- choked drains and canals, abandoned ponds or neglected water bodies. The other group comprising, Ma. bonneae and Ma. dives breeds mainly in low lying swamp forests.

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