Introducing FLYght Duo LED Light Trap

The trap uses patented bioVE+ technology to mimic the visual cues of carnivorous plants to attract insects.UV LEDs combined with bioVE+ elicit a strong positive phototactic response in flies. The bioVE+ coating in each FLYght trap makes it perform similarly to ILTs with UV tubes, the manufacturer reports.

Revolutionary LEDs Insect Light Trap

✓ Patented BioVE+ technology✓ Dual-light attractant highly attractive to flies✓ Money back guarantee✓ CE safety certified

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Top 9 Reasons Why People Love Flyght Duo ?

High Performance and Quality

2x times superior perfomance compare to leading fluorscent traps in US. Durable Alluminium built material.

Revenue opportunity

Opprtunity for PMP to service customers by replacing BioVE+ and Glueboards,

Ease of Service

Replacing a glueboard no more than 30 seconds.

Patented BioVE+ Technology

Innovative technology patented world-wide. First of its kind technology that use bio-mimicry of carnivorus plants.

Eco Green

Less energy consumption LED.

Unique Design

Designed with BioVE+ board for minimal light reflection, priortizing human comfort and visual well-being.

BioVE+ =Biological Visual Enhancers

Insects are extremely sensitive to BioVE+ light, would see rings of blue florescence elicit a strong positive phototactic response in them.*The visual cue was mimic in our Flyht Duo to attract insects

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Excellent Catching Performance 

>70% Energy and Cost Saving

Durable LED lights

Introducing FLYGHT DUO: Your Ultimate Solution for Unmatched FLYING InsectS Elimination

Revolutionize Your Space with Industry-Leading Technology, Effectively Targeting Mosquitoes, Flies, and More!

Field test report in Florida: Comparing INSECT LIGHT TRAP PERFORMANCE

Evaluated FLYght DUO against two leading commercial insect light traps in a 3-day field trial at a dairy farm. The study involved uniform installation, daily visual counting, and sticky card analysis, revealing insights into relative performance for concise decision-making.

Report date: 2nd – May – 2023
Conducted By: Biology PhD. Researcher

Summary and Conclusion

  • Proven as superior insect light trap compared to leading fluorescent trap in US with up to 2x times catching performance on field.
  • Concluded that FLYght Duo is an effective and efficient choice for insect control, providing substantial benefits over leading competitors.


What they’re saying


Café Owner

“I own a small café, and your insect light traps have been a game-changer for us. We used to struggle with flies and gnats in the dining area, which not only created an unpleasant atmosphere for our customers but also posed a hygiene risk. Since installing your light traps, we’ve noticed a remarkable decrease in the number of pesky insects. Our customers are happier, and we couldn’t be more grateful for your product!”


Satisfied Customer

“I have been using your insect light traps for over a month now, and I am extremely impressed with the results. Not only have they significantly reduced the number of insects in my home, but they have also worked wonders in my backyard. I can finally enjoy summer evenings without being constantly bothered by house flies and other flying pests. Thank you for providing such an effective and reliable solution!”


F&B Warehouse Manager

“After dealing with constant bug problems in our warehouse, we decided to give your insect light traps a try. The difference has been incredible! Not only have they effectively eliminated the flying pests, but they have also improved the overall cleanliness and hygiene of our workspace. Our employees are happier and more productive, and we no longer have to worry about insect-related issues affecting our products. Thank you for providing us with a reliable solution!”


Hotel Manager

“As an hotel manager, I can’t express how much I love your insect light traps. In the past, my kitchen were constantly affected by aphids, moths, and other insects, resulting in food hygiene problem and frustration. Ever since I started utilizing your traps, the traps attract and capture a wide variety of insects, helping to protect my kitchen from the pests. I highly recommend your FLyght Duo light traps to others!”



We provide 100% Money back guarantee within 30 days with no questions being asked.


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We have designed FLYgth Duo to be compact and fit into spaces unobtrusively.

FLYgth Duo traps are sleeker and smaller than other brands because Bentz Jaz engineers have intelligently designed the range to maximize UV illumination in limited space.

Size of the light trap has no bearing on the glue board catching area as FLYgth Duo uses the Universal Glue Board (UGB) that all other fly catchers use.

Bentz Jaz source LEDs from the world’s best manufacturer and assure you of 50,000-hour use life of FLYgth Duo LEDs with uniform UV output throughout their life.

The size of FLYgth Duo’s glue boards is: 418 mm X 283 mm.

Please note that glue board manufacturers provide two glue boards with perforated edges. You should gently tear them to separate the two rectangular pieces for your use.

Further, you should discard the thin (about 20 mm wide) extra strip between the two glue boards as we have no place for it in FLYgth Duo

FLYgth Duo is inherently glass-free as we use LEDs and do not have any glass fixtures in our trap

We have designed FLYgth Duo Traps for use 24X7X365 to attract and trap insects during the day or night.

Yes, we have designed FLYgth Duo for placement where you can find an adequate mounting point.

Though you can fix FLYgth Duo traps on walls you can also place them on shelves or tabletops. In our studies we have found that FLYgth Duo traps perform best in attracting insects when you place them 150 cm. (5 ft.) above ground level.

Frequency of glue board replacement depends on the condition of the glue board. You should replace it when it is full of flies or once every forty days. We do not recommend a standard frequency for glue board replacement.

UV in light traps ‘cures’ the glue on glue boards making them less sticky. Airborne dust and other particles settle on glue boards to further reduce their stickiness.

Glue board manufacturers recommend that you replace the glue boards no later than 40 days in a FLYgth Duo UV LED light trap.

In a FLYgth Duo trap you place the glue boards without facing the UV source reducing the curing effect UV has on the glue board stickiness. The longer period between two changes of glue boards is another benefit of using FLYgth Duo.

Bentz Jaz gives a three (3) year warranty on the entire FLYgth Duo trap range from date you purchase such traps.

Bentz Jaz assists the customer to have a functional trap by first investigating the malfunction. After that Bentz Jaz shall sending the required component or replace the entire unit depending on the issue.

Bentz Jaz supplies only one FLYgth Duo trap in one box.

Bentz Jaz supplies sixty (60) FLYgth Duo traps on one pallet

We have extensively tested FLYgth Duo with other leading Indian fly catchers that use either 15 or 30W UV fluorescent tubes.

In our tests, the fly catches of FLYgth Duo were either equivalent or slightly higher than those of the other brands

Each FLYgth Duo box contains 1 FLYgth Duo trap, 1 set of two glue boards, 1 power cord, 1 warranty card and 1 User Manual.

Our trap emits UV-A which scientists have found NOT to be harmful to humans for infrequent exposure.

The FLYgth Duo traps do not emit any harmful UV. All UV emitted in the FLYgth Duo traps is UV-A which scientists consider safe

We request you to check and make sure that the FLYgth Duo trap has a functional power connection. If it still does not light up, please contact your distributor who shall arrange a spare or trap replacement in coordination with Bentz Jaz.

No, we recommend you switch on FLYgth Duo 24X7 as the trap attracts and trap insects on its glueboards during the day or night

Instal FLYgth Duo taps close to all entry points and close to areas in your factory where you see flies congregate.

Please make sure that the traps you place near entry points are not visible from outside as you do not want to attract flies inside.

When placing FLYgth Duo traps make sure there is no other source of UV or visible light next to the trap. You can fix the trap on walls at 150 cm. (5 ft.) height above the floor.

FLYgth Duo traps are made of aluminium.

Bentz Jaz sources LEDs from the world’s best manufacturer of such products. All LEDs of that manufacturer whether ordinary ones or UV LEDs last 50000 hours.

The UV LED manufacturer have provided us published data that their UV LEDs uniformly generate UV throughout 50,000 operating hours.

We have incorporated a patented bioVE technology in the FLYgth Duo range and have chosen UV LEDs to complement such feature

No, we do not recommend FLYgth Duo to monitor fruit flies.

Fruit flies have compound eyes that do not have a positive phototactic response to UV like in houseflies. Hence, you will not be able to attract fruit flies in FLYgth Duo traps.

You should consider using odour attractants to lure and trap fruit flies.

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