IPM Square Rat Trap


  1. Daily keep alive and online alerts
  2. Battery life of 2 years
  3. Immediate real-time alert when rodent activity is detected
  4. Multiple recipients notifications are push-sent (email, SMS, etc.)
  5. Modular solution that can be adapted for different rat trap station
  6. End-to-end solution (includes hardware, software and mobile application)
  7. Simple (less than 60s installing procedure per station)
  8. Flexible standalone capability (from one trap of one customer to multisite complex customers)
  9. Works with customer’s Wi-Fi or with IPM Square encrypted Wi-Fi hotspot


  1. Constant monitoring (24/7/365)
  2. Instant identification of hazards
  3. Improved response time from weeks to hours
  4. Avoid wasting time inspecting stations with no activity
  5. Simple to install using a single button click
  6. No IT qualifications required to operate or manage
  7. Remote controlled via Internet and mobile phone